At what age should one start investing?

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Investing is very important in everybody’s life, and people often emphasize starting early to invest. Even one of the richest people on earth, Warren Buffet advice, starting investing early is a good thing. If you start early you would have a larger timeline for your money to the compound which would result in better returns. But if you are someone who is wondering what is the right age to start investing then this article is for you

I can’t say if there is age as a number when you can start investing, when you are mature enough to understand the depth of investing, then you can start. Investing requires a certain set of understanding about research and at least one should understand the worth of money before they start investing. You may be receiving pocket money, and you can surely start investing some of it, and the best option for you could be mutual funds. They are safe, secure and provide good returns.

Also, before you start investing it would be good if you consult your parents and ask their permission, and all of them would be more than happy. So, if you feel comfortable you could start investing around 14, maybe you would be in 8th standard, take you to learn basic concepts, and try using training apps that would help you understand how the stock market works. After a year you could probably start investing, once you are clear with the basics. You can start investing, with safer options such as mutual funds, start with a SIP of 100 and you can gradually increase it with time. After a point, you can also start by investing in the actual stock market with small amounts.

But one of the things to remember is that investing could be risky if not done properly or is based on rumors. So, make sure you learn everything about it and then start investing otherwise there is a possibility of you losing your capital. But the early you start the more compounding helps you in earning higher returns.

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