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Upstox has its headquarters in Mumbai, India, and holds memberships with MCX, MCX-SX, BSE, and NSE. Upstox is continuing its immense growth and is one of the most rapidly-growing brokerage firms in India and it has also become the 2nd largest stock broker in India. It is focused on empowering investors and traders for financial success. Upstox is a discount stock brokerage firm which provides a secure, quick and user friendly trading platform interface for all the investors/traders which are participants of the Indian stock market.

Upstox is an Investment brand which is made online, owned by RKSV securities which was incorporated in 2009, is a SEBI registered financial service provider.The trading account of Upstox provides you with access to stock exchanges like NSE, BSE and MCX etc., whereas the demat account is commonly used to hold securities like shares, stocks, mutual funds etc., in electronic form.

Founded in 2009, Upstox is one trustable stock trading broker with a low brokerage. Upstox is one of the affordable and most reliable discount brokers in the non-banking finance industry. Upstox has also made all its trading platforms secure and user-friendly. Upstox provides assistance to its client/traders in numerous forms, the most significant being customer care and customer support; they focus on increasing the customer’s satisfaction.

Upstox provides you an all in one platform to invest in a variety of investment options and products to widen one’s portfolio and diversify the risk. Upstox has a vast spread of technology platforms to trade on and have employed an in-house team to make these platforms better at every passing moment. They have a (Browser trading platform), the Pro-mobile application (Mobile trading app), Tools & Calculators (Order generator, Brokerage Calculator, Margin Calculator).

Demat account is short form for dematerialisation account. In finance dematerialisation means a process in which a client can get physical paper form securities converted into electronic securities/balances. A Demat Account can be a bit similar to a bank account to maintain and hold your share certificates and other securities that you have invested in an digitised electronic format.

The process of investing in the share market has been made easier through the introduction of Demat Account. Demat Account makes investing in and Holding of investment securities such as bonds, shares, government securities, Mutual Funds, ETFs and insurance hassle free and easier, by converting the process entirely online and electronic. Eliminating the inconvenience of processing physical paper forms, documents, paper shares.

Seamless account opening procedure
The market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has mandated that every broker has to verify the details of their customers as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) norms. This includes conducting an In-person Verification (IPV). Upstox conducts this process over the web. The account opening process is hassle free and quick as well. The whole procedure of opening an account usually takes 1-2 working days.

Now the clients can go on the website of the brokerage and sign up for a demat account opening and do the entire process of registration online.

You will most essentially need to link your Aadhaar card with your mobile number for this process.
1. Go to the website of Upstox.
2. You will find an online demat account opening page.
3. You will need to provide your minor details like name, phone number and email ID to sign up on Upstox. After you have filled in all the required details click on Sign up. You are required to keep scanned soft copies of your personal documents like Aadhaar card, PAN card, a scanned copy of Cancelled Cheque, and your bank proof which requires the latest bank statement. Keep the above documents scanned and ready for when you are directed to upload them on the Upstox website for KYC verification.
4. The website will ask you to enter your Aadhaar card details and next you will receive an OTP on your mobile number which is linked to your Aadhaar card in order to verify your identity.
5. After uploading all the required documents and necessary details and completing the verification through the KYC process your demat account will be opened by Upstox in a few hours. It usually requires only a few hours but max up to 48 hours.
6. After the completion of the above steps you are all set to use your demat account for trading on Upstox!

How can you get started on Upstox?
1. Understand the Trading Platform- Traders can take advantage of the information available on the website of Upstox to understand Upstox trading platform. Traders can also ask some of the existing users of Upstox to gain understanding. The trading platform of Upstox is a very user-friendly platform designed for the ease of access of its traders/ customers. A very helpful tip is to read the frequently-asked questions to gain understanding of common questions or doubts. It helps clear any confusion and brings clarity on how to trade using the Upstox demat account. If the trader still has any problems, they can contact the customer care service executives.

2. Upstox Trading Platform: Innovative, cutting-edge trading software available on every device be it mobile, desktop, laptop – Upstox also has a Browser-based Trading Platform, Mobile-Upstox Mobile Trading App offered by Upstox is one of the highest-rated stock market apps in India. It is also among one of the best trading apps that offer technical charts, share market analysis, live data of the market & stock news.

3. Upstox offers an Option Chain Tool – which helps traders find out Future prices, and do vertical comparison of rates, get useful details such as market depth circuit levels and Open High Low Close. It allows customers to measure open interest volatility and performance indicators.

4. Upstox has a Pro Web Trading Platform- which offers multiple indicators to monitor markets live time for the investors/traders.

5. New-age Technology – Upstox provides its customers with the latest and most advanced technology. They constantly update their tools with new-age features and provide new tools to help you make profitable and wiser trading decisions. Upstox has a mobile app available on play store and for IOS devices as well, a built-in brokerage calculator and options builder tool are some of the facilities provided through their high-class technology. Mobile trading app available for both Android and iOS phones. No software uses charges for it.

Here’s how you can buy a stock using Upstox demat account-
1. You should try to get accustomed to the trading platform you will be trading on-, if you’re logging in from your browser, you can use Upstox Pro Web , or Upstox ProMobile if you want to have a convenient mode of application available on your mobile to trade on the go.

2. It is important to learn the basic trading terms like bullish market or bearish market, a bullish trader or a bearish market trader, Intra-day trading, buying and selling shares, IPO, managing your own portfolio, stop loss, index/indices, sector or industry, volatility of the stock marketandP/E ratio etc.

3. You are required to make sure to link your trading account with your demat account. While it is possible for the two accounts to be in separate companies, it is advised to keep them both with the same brokerage house for seamless trading. You will use this to move your funds.

4. After buying the stocks; in your trading account the shares you bought will be credited to your dematerialized account within the ‘settlement’ period and debited in real-time and the settlement period is the duration it takes for all the trades on a particular day to be allotted/reconciled to accounts – usually T+2 days.

Conduct your own research- After your Demat account is set up, it’s time to decide which shares you want to buy and invest in. Before buying any stock you should analyse and make sure that the stock is fundamentally strong. How well the stock will perform over the long term is determined by the fundamental strength of that business. Also do the technical analysis to understand the stock’s performance over the past years and analyse the patterns it formed on the charts like the cup handle pattern or candlestick pattern or the head and shoulder pattern and the support which was formed how the share reacted to the volatile market and keep updated on the news of the company’s to evaluate the company’s overall performance.

Comparing the P/E of the company with its competitors. This should help in understanding if the stock is under or overvalued, and whether it’s the right time to invest.

Placing Orders on Trading Platforms-
Various types of trading orders exist on trading platforms, so it is important to have knowledge and understanding about them for a successful and profitable trade. After gaining understanding on the types of trading orders you need to actually go ahead and place an order, here’s how to place a buy order-

1. Log in to your Upstox account and access your watch list and choose a stock for placing the buy order on.

2. Tap on the in the buy section, and choose the exchange you prefer to trade on. The two exchanges of India are the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange.

3. Now you are required to enter the number of shares you wish to buy in the ‘Qty’ box.

4. The ‘Order Type’ section provides the list of different orders that can be placed. Go with the most suitable option according to your preference.

Following the above steps one can place an order. Mostly quite similar steps are involved while placing a ‘Sell’ order.

conclusion- modern technology makes it easy to access the stock market .you can easily do trading through apps and open accounts according to your requirement. Demat account gives us the option to hold shares and securities in digital mode.

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