Top 5 trading apps in India

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Here are the top five trading apps in india –
1.Upstox Pro app
This app is likely to be good form for instant investing.

Android Ratings: 4.4/5 stars
Android Downloads: 1 Crore +
iOS Ratings: 4.2/5 stars
Upstox Pro App provides multiple trading options with a great user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features environment and is backed by some professional personalities like Mr. Ratan Tata. You can trade in stocks buy or share within Intraday or delivery, mutual funds, digital gold, and much more, with the help of extensive charts and too you can create your own watchlists for the acclaimed companies.

Why upstox pro app:
1. Provide Charts that help you to make a wise and best investment.
2. Gives an option for Quick buying and selling of stocks.
3. Have Bracket orders and cover orders also.
4. After creating a watchlist for your desired companies this app notifies you about the prices of your desired stocks of that particular company.

1. Instant investing options.
2. Easy-to-understand charts that provide a quick guide for stocks buying.
3. Has a Limit orders, After Market Orders, and other more trading options.

1. According to the customer reviews the web version is mostly reported to be much more complicated than the app version.

1. 0 commission on trade in stocks, mutual funds, and digital gold.
2. 0.05% or up to 20 for all Intraday & F&O, Currencies & Commodity Orders.
2.Angel one
Reported good for all the beginners those are stepping in the stock market.

Android Ratings: 4.2/5 stars
Android Downloads: 1 Crore +
iOS Ratings: 3.5/5 stars
Angel one is right now the best stock market app in India. It was Founded in 1987 and it has about 1.4 million active customers today. This app provides you with the best ready-made curated portfolio or you can create your own which will be managed by their experts. Why to choose angel one: It provides a good Analysis of the market with the help of research done by their experts.

Why to choose angel one:
1. It provides a good Analysis of the market with the help of research done by their experts.
2. It maintains your portfolio which will be regularly saved and updated by them.
3. It builds a diversified and low-cost portfolio with help of small cases.
4. You can also choose from their readymade portfolios provided to their customers.
5. The investment for the international stocks are also available within the app.

1. Has no brokerage charges while investing in trades?
2. Gives a good portfolio management
3. Also, by investing in the small cases right now as you are a beginner, one can build a low-cost portfolio.
4. Also provides fractional investment.


1. The main problem in angel one app is that the trading through calling is charged at a 20 per executed order or trade.

Price: 0 Brokerage charges\fees for Delivery Trade and Trade across all the various segments.
This app is good for plenty of tradable items

Android Ratings: 4.3/5 stars
Android Downloads: 1 Crore +
iOS Ratings: 4.5/5 stars
Groww app is one of the best trading apps in India. This app provides the option for trading in gold and various stocks, fixed deposits, and many more at the same time and this is only the main reason for its popularity.

Why Groww app
1. Good for Investment in Gold, Fixed Deposits, domestic and US stocks, Mutual Funds, and F&Os.
2. Provides various Learning resources.
3. You can also withdraw up to 50,000 or 90% of the total money invested by you (whichever is lower) that too per day.
4. It is a self-directed trading platform.
5. It likely also has advanced charts to help you to study the market trends actively.

1. Main and the most important is it has no account opening charges.
2. Also, no account maintenance charges a year.
3. Provides an ISO 27001:2013 certification which ensures you that your information is encrypted and kept secure.

1. The different types of advanced order types like Brackets and orders, Cover orders, etc are not available.

1. Pricing of 20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per trade will be executed as a brokerage charge.
2. Also, an amount of 20 per order will be generated as brokerage charges for Futures and Option
4.Sharekhan App
This app is actually best for the active kind of traders.

Android Ratings: 3.8/5 stars
Android Downloads: 10 Lakh +
iOS Ratings: 2.8/5 stars
Sharekhan is a most old and trustfull i.e.,21-year-old trading platform, which has over 2 million clients all over India. Sharekhan provides you proper guidance for buying and selling of stocks within the market and provides you with a wide range of products and key important features that help you to build a professional portfolio.

Why to rely on sharekhan app
1. Again, it also provides you the feature of advanced charts that will help you do the related market research.
2. Also, their research reports will be helping you make a better investment decision.
3. There is a Relationship manager that monitors your portfolio of trading and provides you the guidance required for trading.
4. Provides a wide range of products to trade within.

1. You can trade at any time that too from anywhere.
2. This app has a policy of regular updates that provide you market news.
3. Gives a free learning open resource.
4. Also has a policy of no minimum deposit.

Cons: 1. Sharekhan does not provide the advantage of global stocks to trade within.

Price: sharekhan has a quite few details with the pricing i.e., For Equity Delivery charges 0.50% or 10 paise per trade or 16 per scrip Whichever is higher that will be charged.
5.IIFL Market Trading App  
This app is Best for free research reports and is not much as popular as other trading apps.
Android Ratings: 4.1/5 stars
Android Downloads: 50 Lakh +
iOS Ratings: 4.1/5 stars
IIFL Market Trading App is a highly recommended mobile app for trading. It allows you to trade in several items that are enabled in the stock market also with the help of very user-friendly tools.

Why to choose IIFL
1. Provides Trading in equities, F&O, currencies and other different commodities.
2. Provides free tools for research in the market trends.
3. Gives you to use free research reports of 500 top listed companies actively in the market from NSE/BSE.
4. You can place buying and selling orders with a few easy steps. 5. It Lets you modify or cancel your pending orders.

1. Main advantage of using this app is it free research reports
2. Gives you instant notifications about the latest market news
3. It accounts for no account management charges for the trading account

One disadvantage is that this app does not provide a feature of robot advisor or a bot advisor.

1. Same as many other that is a 0 brokerage charges for equity delivery and,
2. A 20 charges per executed order for Intraday, F&O, currencies, and different other commodities.

Conclusion – you don’t need to search for the stock broker when you already have modern technology. You can easily access the stock market through the mobile apps,which give you impressive features, and operate it on your own. you can select any trading app according to your requirement.

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