Upstox Mobile App Review 2022 – Features, Pros & Cons

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Company profile: Upstox
Starting back in 2009, Upstox earlier known as RKSV Securities India is one of the leading stock trading platforms in India. Upstox was co-founded by Ravi Kumar, Kavitha Subramanian and Shrini Viswanath. It is currently the second-largest trading platform with a market share of 14.47%. The startup has been backed by great investors such as Sir Ratan Tata and Tiger Global group. As the company states on its official website, it was established with one core objective- Make financial investing Simple, Fair and Accessible for all Indian investors. Currently, the company is providing its seamless digital service to over 5215523 clients all across and has been in talks about touching a high of 60,000 cr turnover.

Like every other stock trading platform, upstox also provides its services online. And also as mentioned on the company’s website, the core objective- of the company is to” provide financial education to people with help of a seamless digital platform, cutting-edge technology, intuitive design, ease and safety”. As stated this company’s main tool of trading consists of an app known as upstox pro. The company also provides an option to trade through the website but in today’s article, we are going to review the app.

Upstox Pro
The mobile app Upstox Pro has been self-developed by the company and is available free of cost on the play store. Upstox Pro app has competitors such as Kite by Zerodha.

Using this app users can trade and invest in the stock market. These single app caters to all segments like equities, currency, commodities, futures and options

Key features:
1] Charting tool This is one of the attractive features of the app as this helps you to see company financial graphs in an easy format and help you to formulate your trade decisions. The app also has different indicators such as charts, candle sticks, bars, lines etc. And to make it even better for users, the buy and sell option is given right below the chart. This makes it even more feasible for users.

2] Unlimited watch We all like to watch some companies and their prices daily. There comes a watchlist in the picture. Under this feature, you add your favourite companies to the watchlist and you would get an easy view of their price. Another add-on that makes it even more special is you can add unlimited to the watchlist with Upstox. That is quite a rare feature as other apps limit your watchlist.

3] Search tool Upstox Pro has a universal search option, in which you can search any company and get its details, its price graph and much more information about its financials in simplified form. Also, you would find the latest news about the company and upcoming opportunities.

4] Real-time market feeds This feature helps users to know about the net change, share volume, and percentage change of stocks during regular hours. Also, it puts out the latest market news and market stats, this helps users to stay up to date with the market environment.

5] Set unlimited alerts We all like to stay updated with even a slight change in our favourite app and Upstox allows you to keep unlimited alerts for price or percentage changes in scripts. Helping you to make your investment at the Correct time.

Upstox Pro app- PROS
1] User-friendly and smooth User interface.
2] Receive recommendations on current market stats.
3] Unlimited watchlist-keep an eye on all your favourite companies
4] Free of cost and no hidden charges.
5] Receive personalized news on the companies that you’ve added to your watchlist
6] Complete research on the finances of a company can be accessed with a single tap.
7] Track your portfolio in real-time.
8] Option to apply and track your IPO application in real-time.
9] Easy fund transfer option.
10] You can view open high and close low (OHCL) to make better trading and investment decisions.
11] Stop-loss feature to minimise loss.
12] Access to pre and post-trading analytics, 250+ indicators, and drawing tools.
13] Option to use guest mode with limited features
14] High tech security to protect your data. The app uses 256-bit protection similar to banks.
15] Third-party integration such as small cases, sensibull and ticker tape.

Upstox Pro app- CONS
1] Margin Calculator feature is missing.
2] Some play store reviews suggest some needed changes, which should be acknowledged.
3] Requires good network speed. Not suitable for 2G/3G

Upstox Pro app review on the playstore
The app has over 5 lakh reviews and a 4.6/5 rating, which is a great rating.

Upstox Pro app- Final thoughts
The app is brilliantly designed to cater for all needs. It works perfectly fine for beginners as well as experienced traders. Along with its smooth trading experience, the app also provides rich and useful knowledge about companies at a single click. Also, Upstox as a broker provides great and affordable service. Great price and great trading platform is the combination user wanted and upstox has served it. I would like to rate a 9.3/10 for the app.

Frequently asked questions
1] Is the Upstox app free to use?
Ans- Yes the app is free to use, however you would have to pay account opening charges.

2] Where can I download this app?
Ans- The app can be downloaded from playstore or else click on this link to download upstox.

3] Does the Upstox app provide investment or trading tips?
Ans- Upstox is a discount broker, thus no tips are provided. But you can find a lot of information about companies’ financials in upstox apps.

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