How to e-nomination for EPF account

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The Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has updated rules, and now any changes or fresh EPF nominations have to be done online. This means you cannot visit a branch and get this information updated. So, one needs to learn how to file an e-nomination for an EPF account.

What is an EPF account?
EPF or Employee Provident Scheme is a retirement fund offered to employees. Under EPF, a contribution is made from both employer and employees, which is then paid out in lump sum upon retirement to the employee, with interest. Equal contribution is paid by both employer and employee, which currently stands at 12%. This scheme is limited to employees with pay up to 15000 only, any employee with a salary above 15000, would be treated as if their salary is 15000 and 12% would be calculated on 15000.

How to file an e-nomination for an EPF account?
For filing an e-nomination for an EPF account you would have to follow the steps given below. The nomination can only be filed through the official website of EPFO – There is no deadline for filing this e-nomination.

Follow these steps-
1. You would first need to go to the EPFO member portal. Login using your credentials.
2. On the homepage you would find a Manage option, under that, you would find an e-nomination option.
3. After you click on an e-nomination option, you will see a page, asking if you have a family. You can select, YES or NO. Click YES, after which you can add your family members, you would have to add their photo, Aadhaar card, name, date of birth, and gender. Once the verification is done, they will be added.
4. Now you would need to select a Nominee from the list of family members and enter the amount to be shared with them, then click on save EPF nomination.
E- Signing the e-nomination form-
1. After you click on save, a new page will pop up and you would have to e-sign, to confirm your nomination.
2. Now you will receive a notification on your mobile number and you would have to submit that.
3. Your e-nomination is now complete, you can download it in pdf form.
With this your e-nomination is complete.
In closing E-Nomination is an important thing, to process a smooth claim procedure. And make sure you do it as early as possible.

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