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Angel One Limited was previously known as Angel Broking Limited is an Indian stock broking firm which was established in 1996. The company is registered and is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and (MCX) Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited. It is also a depository participant with the Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). Angel One has more than 8500 sub-brokers and franchisee outlets in more than 900 cities across India.

Angel One’s services include online stock broking, depository services, investment advisory services and commodity trading. Personal loans and insurance are also delivered by Angel One. Angel Broking also started its portfolio management services, IPOs business and mutual funds distribution arm in 2006.

Angel One is known as one of the leading stock brokers in India. Angel Broking is a full-service broker that offers a very wide range of services including trading, investments, research & advisory and mutual funds. In early 2020 amid the start of the pandemic, Angel One started offering a discount brokerage plan named iTrade Prime for online customers. Angel One charges 0 brokerage for equity delivery and charges Rs 20 per executed order brokerage for all other segments under this plan. Similar to the offerings from leading discount brokers like Zerodha and Upstox, iTrade Prime is angel one’s discount brokerage plan.

As a full service broker, Angel one also offers its widely well-known full-service account where traders who trade with Angel One, get in-person advisory services through a relationship manager appointed by Angel One. The Relationship Manager provides research reports for trading, investment and wealth management purposes.

One of the key services offered by Angel Broking is Analysis & Research. Angel One has a research team which is committed to publishing a range of reports on the economy, markets and securities for the customers benefit and based on the excellent analysis and report offers stock recommendations to its investors. Angel One also offers ARQ is an artificial-intelligence-based software that provides investment advice to customers based on their risk profile and financial goals.

Angel Broking has been within the top 3 stock broking houses of India since its establishment in 1987. Angel Broking is a wealth management company which was established to provide a diversified number of services ranging from Portfolio Management services, Life Insurance, to Depository services, etc. to its customers.

Demat account opening offers a wide range of services and facilities for the investor. A few of the facilities are listed below-

1. Investments Transfer: A demat account facilitates the transfer of shares of an investor. The investor needs to fill in a Delivery Instruction Slip with all the relevant details and specifics, it further processes an effortless transfer of shares. Although it is not only limited to shares, different investments or security holdings can also be transferred through such an account.

2. Freezing your demat account: Investors can also freeze their account and they are provided with the option to freeze the account for a specific period of time which is mentioned by the investor or as per requirement of the account holder. This facility comes in handy to prevent unexpected activities in the account. To avail this facility just one condition needs to be fulfilled, the account of the investor should have a particular amount of shares present.

3. Loan Facility: You can also avail the loan facility with the securities held in the account. They can provide the investor his detailed holdings to enable him to apply for a loan from a bank. The securities can be used and placed as collateral towards the loan.

4. Speed E- facility: NSDL has provided an e-facility for the investors to complete a transaction through the submission of an electronic e-slip which is then sent to their Depository Participant.

1. Angel One has a user-friendly and convenient Trading Platforms

Angel Broking offers 5 different, completely new-age up to date technologically morphed trading platforms for their potential clients to choose the most suitable out of them. The platforms are as follows:
1. Angel Eye: It is essentially a browser-based trading application that places a strong emphasis on portfolio tracking. For the common screen for segments, frequent market updates, etc., Angel Eye offers a special feature.
2. Angel SpeedPro: As the name implies, it’s a fast paced application based trading platform which provides auto updates, accessible markets from various terminals and convenient manipulation.
3. Angel Trade: It’s principally a browser-based platform which also has the auto-update feature. Angel Trade can also be called the browser version of the Angel SpeedPro.
4. Angel Lite: Another browser based but a mobile trading tool which is designed especially for low GPRS connectivity.
5. Angel Swift: Angel one has a mobile app for mobile trading. Angel swift can be downloaded through play store on android devices and it is also available on IOS app store for iPhone, as well as tablet devices for enabling traders using any device to trade on equity and commodity market.

2. High Quality Market Research-
Angel Broking has put together an excellent market stock research team, which is dedicated to researching the latest market trends by conducting in-depth research. As a full service broker Angel One offers high class advisory services based on the high quality market research done by their committed market research, they follow-up with the clients by delivering recommendations and buying-tips based on calculated risk and return factor to assist the traders in making their trade moves.

3. Angel One has cheap brokerage charges
Angel One works on a pocket-friendly approach, which can be evidently seen in their low cost brokerage charges. On Angel One now the customers can trade online on any segment, with charges going Max @Rs 30 per trade executed. If a trader is doing a trade of the trade amount being <50000 Rs the brokerage charged will be Rs 15 else Rs 30. This is an affordable and convenient plan offered by Angel Broking.

4. Longer Market experience
Angel broking was established on 8th August 1996. It has been 25 years since the establishment of Angel one which speaks for itself in terms of longer market experience. Angel One is older than a few of the top stock brokerages in terms of experience. Angel Broking has been blooming gradually over time and dominating other retail service brokers over this time span.

5. Angel One has Diverse Investment Vehicles
Angel Broking offers unique perks for their potential clients. With Angel Broking, potential customers are given the benefit to enjoy the opportunity of investing in private funds as well as hedge funds, either of which is not easily accessible to the general public.

6. SMS Advisory
Angel One offers very convenient SMS advisory services delivered right to the inbox of the trader. They send advisory rights to their SMS phone number without any hassle for the customers. What’s even better is that they offer these very beneficial and premium SMS delivery of advisory services for FREE! Angel Broking has this offer valid for the first 3 months, a unique perk of free premium SMS advisory offered by Angel One.

7. Angel One offers highly personalized and sophisticated support
Angel Broking believes in quality customer care and delivering the customer support in the utmost care to their valued customers. They have a customized and personalized help desk which is always ready to provide assistance via phone, E-mail, Live chat or SMS to the valuable customers.

8. Angel Bee
The full-service brokerage house also offers a platform to invest in Mutual Funds, Angel BEE is the platform provided by Angel One. This app platform is a free MF App for all investors.

When a trader is going to trade, he should ensure that his assets or portfolios should be in healthy condition to gain greater benefit. Angel One offers just the right service to check whether your assets are in good condition or not. This automated software developed by Angel One has been devised that checks and eradicates the weaker areas of a trader/investors’ portfolios and delivers valuable advice according to the results.

10. Simple Pricing Model
Angel One offers a very beneficial flat brokerage plan known as iTradePrime. This plan allows trading across several investment securities equity, derivatives, currency, and commodities. It is very straight forward and doesn’t confuse investors by varying pricing models which makes it a reliable stockbroker.

These are a few additional charges associated with opening a Demat Account-
1. An Annual Maintenance Charge or AMC. Pay Rs 0 during the first year and after that, only Rs 20 per month + taxes.
2. A one-time charge of Rs. 50/- for POA + taxes
3. Along with the applicable service taxes imposed.
1. Lowest Complaints to Active Clients Ratio
Angel One’s ratio of complaints to active client is lower making it one of the safe brokers in India.

2. A Listed Company
Angel One is a listed brokerage house in the stock market. It makes the financial information of the company available for the potential customers, investors and the general public. As a listed company, Angel One is obliged to disclose and share all the legal information with its shareholders and investors.

3. Angel One Memberships-
Angel One is a full-service broker registered with SEBI, NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. Angel One also offers depository services with CDSL, a depository participant in India

Angel One’s several memberships’ details-
SEBI Registration no: INZ000161534
CDSL: IN-DP-384-2018
NSE Member Id: 12798
BSE Member Id: 612
MCX Member Id: 12685
NCDEX Member Id: 220

conclusion- Angel one makes it convenient for their clients to trade. They use advanced technology , which makes it easy for their customers to do any translation within a second.customer get so many advantages while trading with angel one.

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