Angel One vs Upstox: Detailed Comparison. Which one is better?

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Angel One and Upstox both are among the top stock broking firms in India. So today’s article would help you understand which one is better in what aspects. Today we will take a look at the following factors:
1] Account opening charges
2] Brokerage
3] Other charges
4] Transaction charges
5] Margin
6] Features provided
7] Investment options available
8] Customer care service ratings
9] Pros and Cons for both
10] conclusion

Company profile: Upstox
Starting back in 2009, Upstox earlier known as RKSV Securities India is one of the leading stock trading platforms in India. Upstox was co-founded by Ravi Kumar, Kavitha Subramanian and Shrini Viswanath. It is currently the second-largest trading platform with a market share of 14.47%. The startup has been backed by great investors such as Sir Ratan Tata and Tiger Global group. As the company states on its official website, it was established with one core objective- Make financial investing Simple, Fair and Accessible for all Indian investors. Currently, the company is providing its seamless digital service to over 5215523 clients all across and has been in talks about touching a high of 60,000 cr turnover.

Company profile- Angel One AngelOne or Angel broking ( former name) is one of the leading stock trading platforms in India, with its quality service and great management it has come up. Established in 1996, it is among the top 10 stock trading firms. Currently, Narayan Gangadhar serves as the CEO of the company. The company has over $1.6 billion under its asset management. The company provides a wide variety of services which includes broking services, investment advisory, margin trading facility, loan against shares, distribution of third-party financial products and investor education. The company serves more than 3657550 active clients with a market share of 10.15%. Sustaining a long time in this field AngelOne has always adapted the latest technology and provided the best quality services to its clients.
Angel One vs Upstox
Angel One vs Upstox: account opening charges and account maintenance charge (AMC)
Both are charging almost equal and thus no one can be termed better. Both are good, if you don’t want to trade and are just looking for a Demat account then Upstox would be a good option.
Angel One vs Upstox: Brokerage
As for brokerage, I would like to suggest that Upstox has a better option out there. As charging flat ₹20 brokerage might be a bit on the higher side for small amounts of trades. And because upstox charges ₹20 or 2.5% whichever is lower, Upstox is a better alternative.
Angel One vs Upstox: Other charges  
Both are equal in other charges, so choosing either one won’t make a huge difference in this factor.
Angel one vs Upstox: Transaction charges  
In Transaction charges, both are at almost equal levels. If you want to choose one for better, you would need to identify your needs. The table given below would help you understand which one is better in what aspect of transaction charges:

1] Equity delivery- Angel One
2] Equity intraday- Angel One
3] Equity futures- Angel One
4] Equity Options – Angel One
5] Currency future- Upstox
6] Currency Options- Upstox
7] Commodity- Angel one
Angel One vs Upstox: Margin    
Both have the same rates for Margins. So no one is a winner here.
Angel One vs Upstox: Features provided    
Once again both have their set of features you need to understand what features you would like to use. For example, Upstox has an unlimited watchlist while Angel One provides investment tips. So you may choose the features you would like to have while trading and accordingly choose one
Angel one vs Upstox: Investment Options available
The only difference between both in this factor is Debt trading is available in Angel One but not in Upstox. So if you want to trade in debt Angel one would be the right choice for you.
Angel One vs Upstox: Order type offered
Upstox here provides an extra option of GTC, which may be a requirement for some and so you can choose accordingly.
Customer service review:
In this factor, both are at par with each other, as they both provide an equal number of options to contact them with your issues. But Angel one has a far widespread offline network of authorised persons to help you offline. But overall both companies have a good track record in terms of customer service
Angel One vs Upstox: Pros and Cons  
App Ratings: Play Store
Upstox Pro
Angel One app
Conclusion: Upstox vs Angel One Both the broking platforms are equally good in almost all aspects. There may be one or two other factors where one may be better than the other, but which one is better depends on your point of view, your needs and your expectations from a broking platform. If you have the knowledge and need no guidance then Upstox may be the one for you, their easy-to-use trading platforms are a great choice for beginners. But if you’re someone with not so great knowledge of investing, I would suggest you go with Angel One, they provide investment advice and tips for trading. The above article would help you to cross-check your needs with the services provided by them and come to a conclusion.

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