Upstox Review 2022 – No.1 stock Broker in india

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About upstox
Hey there, have you ever heard of the saying that play smart not hard. Yes you got that right the same meaning of this phrase can be understood here from the word UPSTOX.

Basically, UPSTOX is an online trading platform where a person can buy or sell ,trade, invest , and charting can also be done within this single platform. This platform not only provides you different trading features but also the ease of trading is provided with this platform. Even you have the way of trading in stocks or get into the market through your smartphone with just a single click.

UPSTOX is right now the best discount stock broker in India, this company was founded by Raghu Kumar , Ravi Kumar and Shri Niwas Vishwanath. So, on the basis of their first letter of name the company was first named as RKSV which later turned to UPSTOX.

UPSTOX is a tech-first low-cost broking firm which provides many trading related features at a very low cost. This company is backed up by a group of investors KALAARI CAPITAL, RATAN TATA and GVV DAVIX.

UPSTOX also provides realistic opportunities at an unbeatable price.. This platform is so self-reliable to start your investment. Also, it is one of the fastest trading platforms which is the main key feature for gaining the highest profit during the day trading.

RVSK provides 4 trading platforms i.e.

What makes upstox the best stock broker in India
There are not only 2 to 3 things that make the UPSTOX platform the best but there are a bunch of advantages that makes it the first over all other trading platforms, so let us now see the supremacy which makes UPSTOX the best Stockbroker right now in India.

The very first thing is the trust of the customers of India which makes UPSTOX the best stockbroker through which this trading platform makes more than 15 crores of turnover on daily basis.

Also gives a very low brokerage cost fees for trading or executing orders per trade.

UPSTOX is a registered member of SEBI,BSE,NSE,MOX,NSDL,CDSL. Have a very low-cost trading plan of only rs20 per trade with up to 20x leverage during Intraday.

It provides real time access to the live market and helps the customer to open the account within an hour.

You can also create your own watchlist which enables you to directly your own added companies performance in the market.

Not only these features a person can also set script and get their price alerts accordingly.

Provides the option of buy and sell on one go.

Also provides +advanced charting tools.

UPSTOX is a kind of stockbroker which has access to multiple segments including the NSE cash, F&O, etc.

Upstox Pros (Advantages)
There are many advantages of Upstox. You must be good with the all the Upstox advantages and disadvantages before opening an account with Upstox. Upstox pros and cons could help you to find if it suits your investment needs or not. So, moving on let us check its advantages first:

1. Provides Rs 0 Demat account maintenance charges.
2. Flat Rs 20 per trade brokerage within all the segments including delivery, intraday and F&O at BSE and NSE.
3. Mobile trading app is also available for both Android and iOS phones.
4. You can create After Market Order (AMO) and Cover Order both on web and mobile.
5. Trailing-Stop/Stop-Loss (SL) is also available in both web and mobile trading platforms.
6. Good-Till-Triggered (GTT) orders are also available within Equity and commodity.
7. Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform is a kind of platform which offers multiple indicators to monitor markets on a single go.
8. Upstox Bridge for AmiBroker helps you to code and then execute your own trading strategy using the Ami Broker AFL editor.
9. Upstox Developer Console will help you to build your own trading app using languages such as Python. You need to be good at coding for this.
10. Upstox Option Chain Tool helps traders to find out the Spot, Future prices and the vertical comparison of rates, get details such as circuit levels and Open High Low Close and market depth. It allows customers to measure the volatility, open Interest, performance indicator and check Greeks as well.
11. Upstox MF Platform this platform offers 1000’s of Mutual Funds to invest and provide a genuine way to customers to trade or invest within. Also, it provides the Customers with a Lump Sum or SIP pattern of investing too .
12. Margin Against Shares is also available.
13. Online IPO Application (UPI) is available.

Disadvantages of upstox
1. The Equity delivery brokerage is around Rs 20 per trade whereas Most of the other brokers offer brokerage fees as null or free investment in stock market.
2. Secondly the Margin Funding is also not available on delivery trades.
3. Upstox doesn’t provides the feature of unlimited monthly trading plans. The trading plans are usually to a limited amount.
4. The Call and the trade fee is charged at an extra cost of Rs 20 that too per executed order i.e., Rs 20 Brokerage + Rs 20 Call & Trade Fee.
5. Again, the Additional of Rs 20 has been executed per order is charged for Intraday square MIS/BO/CO orders to the time when they are not usually cut off by the customer.
6. UPSTOX Do not provide stock tips or recommendations to the new traders or investors who are new to the market this usually makes the downfall of the people after their first investment.
7. The 3-in-1 account feature is not available right now as the company doesn’t provide the banking services.
8. 24/7 customer service is also not available. Then too makes the people as a burden their investment and has no more time to invest in the market and if in case there is an error occurred in the app during investment the person is also not able to contact to the customer care then he\she may get disrupted and cause to hold the trading and can happen that the person would never come back towards trading.
9. Upstox NRI Trading and demat account is no more available.
10. Upstox doesn’t offer API access for automated trading.

Final call
So after the discussion of all the things relates to UPSTOX we can conclude that accept some of the pros and cons other than that UPSTOX is one of the best stockbroker right now in India as you can see al, the review of the people those who have been using this platform from a long run and are quite happy with this, since this is a discount stock broker rather than a full service broker so you can understand that this platform will not provide you as much as guidance you want for trading but in short if you are not a new investor or a trader and you are finding a platform for trading then you should give this UPSTOX trading platform a thumb up as the demat account opens for free with no extra cost account maintenance. Hence a well-known player of the stock market will fully utilize this platform with a one go….

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