Comparison of two stockbrokers

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Today let us compare the two very known and popular stockbrokers in India which are ZERODHA and UPSTOX.

There will be some of the common terms for the comparison between the two stockbrokers such as brokerage fees, type of investment, etc.

Let us start our comparison:
1.Upstox Account are usually best for:
Upstox is always good known for adding an extra value offers like Free brokerage credit of Rs 1000 when you join or open the account.

If you are looking for such good offers along with the low brokerage fees or charges and also providing high margins, then you must open a demat account with Upstox trading platform.

zerodha usually best for:
Zerodha is best for the kind of traders who are looking for good trading platforms with lower brokerage charges as well as good customer support.

2.Upstox Account Charges Vs Zerodha Account Charges
The Upstox charges Rs 299 for opening an account. In return you will be getting a free brokerage credit worth Rs 1000 valid for 7 days from upstox.

Whereas Zerodha does not provide such a feature but charges a fee of Rs 200 for opening of the account.

Also, the annual maintenance charges of Upstox account is Rs 25 per month.

Whereas Zerodha charges Rs 300 yearly as a maintenance fee.

RKSV (Upstox) Brokerage Charges
Upstox provides an offer of two trading plans to their customers ; Basic Plan and the Priority Plan. Both the plans are available to all the customers who have an account in the UPSTOX.
Brokerage Charges Zerodha
Zerodha does not account for different plans for traders. You must pay a maximum of Rs. 20 irrespective of the trading volume.
3.Upstox Account Opening Charges
The process of opening an account in Upstox is entirely online. The paperless account for opening process can be completed in a day using Aadhaar and other KYC documents.

1. Upstox Equity Demat and Trading – Rs 299
2. Upstox Demat Monthly Maintenance Charges – Rs. 25

Zerodha Account Opening Charges
Zerodha has these following charges for opening an account online
4.Pros of upstox account:
1. Upstox has no brokerage charges for delivery\buying stocks other than INTRADAY or F&O.

2. It is one of the great trading platforms among India.

3. Has Fix and almost very low brokerage fees irrespective of their trade volume.

4. UPSTOX has No demat account opening charges

5. It provides a great offer to its customers frequently on a fixed time basis.

Pros of zerodha
1. Zerodha also has no brokerage charges or fees for delivery.

2. It has a Low or fixed brokerage fee for trading

3. There is No minimum balance required to open and maintain the account.

4. Zerodha provides good customer support.

5. Also Provides the best trading platform.

5.Cons of upstox
1. In upstox you cannot make a direct IPO or any FPO investments.

2. The customer support is not that much worth it in UPSTOX as compared to any other trading platform.

Cons of zerodha
The same problem of customer service is there in zerodha too as many people face the delays in the stock buying and selling trades on the day-time.

6.UPSTOX and ZERODHA on the basis on Products
7.Upstox and Zerodha on the basis of Offers
8.Upstox vs Zerodha on the basis of Margin,Exposure,Leverage
9.Upstox Vs Zerodha on the basis of Customer Rating
Conclusion- you can take decisions regarding your stock broker on the basis of above mentioned points.

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