Upstox Franchise / Authorized Person / Partner / Sub Broker Review

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Company profile:
Starting back in 2009, Upstox is one of the leading stock trading platforms in India. Upstox was co-founded by Ravi Kumar, Kavitha Subramanian and Shrini Viswanath. It is currently the second-largest trading platform with a market share of 14.47%. The startup has been backed by great investors such as Sir Ratan Tata and Tiger Global group.

Services provided:
Upstox provides a wide variety of services ranging from, trading in equity, currency trading, future and options. Customers can also trade in commodities on MCX. It also provides the Upstox Mutual fund platform to its customers. Services like forex, or insurance service are yet to arrive on Upstox. But it does provide customers with a wide array of data and research material for companies.

Upstox Franchise / Authorized Person / Partner / Sub Broker Programme
Upstox is one of the major competitors in the sub-broker programme with only 2 other rival companies, 5 paisa and Zerodha.

Our today’s article will focus on the Upstox sub-broker programme in detail. The article includes the services offered, Revenue sharing model, Upstox franchise cost & more.

Types of Upstox franchise
Currently, upstox is offering one type of franchise model that is:

Partner model

Upstox sub-broker
Any person who has basic stock market knowledge can register themselves in this programme as a partner.

Upstox already has a huge number of people on-board with this programme varying from Educators, Youtubers and Social media influencers.

To become an upstox partner or sub-broker, you need to start trading on the platform. You can Click here to start trading on Upstox.

Once you start trading on the platform you are eligible to enroll in this programme. Once you enrol for this programme, you get your partner code that you use to onboard people. One every person that gets enrolled through your partner code you receive a fixed commission and a certain commission from the brokerage of every trade they make. The more people that trade under you, the more revenue you generate. This is a kind of network marketing, the stronger your network the more you earn.

This also means that if you stop trading after a while you would still get a passive income from the people trading under you. This is a recurring earning model, and one of the best passive income, the more people you add the higher revenue you make.

Upstox sub-broker revenue model
Although being new to this segment as compared to others, upstox has given exciting offers for partners. They surely understand the value of partners and the potential they hold to onboard new traders coming up with a unique and tempting brokerage sharing model. In the partner model with Upstox, a partner doesn’t earn once but every time a trade is done in his network.

As for revenue share, it is already decided in agreement. But can be changed based on the performance of the respective partner.

The partner receives around ₹300-₹1000 per account opening. This number fluctuates from time to time. The partner also receives 10%-30% of brokerage commission on every trade that is done under his network.

So the partner only needs to keep adding people to his network and this model would work wonders for him.

Revenue model:
Upstox partner Programme fees or cost
Upstox wants as many people as possible to enroll on this programme and start earning and thus hasn’t kept a security deposit as a barrier. And also the initial investment is low at ₹3000.

Out of this ₹3000, ₹2200 goes toward the SEBI registration charge which is mandatory and the remaining ₹800 goes for processing fees and other fees.

This is also the lowest security deposit a broker can charge. As the company’s aim is to on-board a lot of young people.

Programme fees:
Upstox Partner Programme eligibility criteria
As mentioned on the company’s website there are no eligibility criteria, anyone and everyone can join the programme from a beginner to an experienced trader.

You also can join if you are an amateur with a huge social circle and good networking skills.

You can also if you are a social media influencer and want to capitalize on your audience and earn some passive income.

You can also join if you are a teacher or a YouTuber or insurance or an advisor. Upstox provides equal opportunities for all of us regardless of who we are, or what we do. Everyone can start their journey and earn money. Join upstox as a sub-broker today.

The only thing you need to do is register yourself with SEBI and then you can start anytime.

How to become an Upstox partner or a sub-broker?
Getting started with this programme is simple, it includes 2 simple steps.
1. Register your details on the Upstox website as a sub-broker or business partner. You would need to submit the following details- Name, Contact details, age, occupation and location.

2. The second step would be developing a plan and submitting it to upstox. This plan would include how you are going to start, grow your network, how to get more and more people added to your network, and your long term strategy and goal.

If the Upstox team is satisfied with your plan, then you get enrolled and you’re provided with an id, which includes trading tools, access to your network, also the dashboard, to get you going. You can start building your network after that.

Document required to become a upstox partner:
1] Identity proof- Pan card/Voter id/Aadhar card/ Passport.
2] Age proof- Pan card/Passport/10th Certificate
3] Address proof- Aadhar card/ Passport/ Voter id/ Any utility bill
4] Bank details
5] Passport size photographs

Upstox affiliate Programme

If you opt for the upstox affiliate Programme you can get assistance in learning about the products of the company and also guidance in customer acquisition.

Why should you join as a partner with Upstox?
1. Although being a new company, Upstox has performed very well and established its base very well. This proves the company’s potential for growth as well you can be assured about the safety of your money.

2.Their exciting offers and a wide range of plans such as flexible brokerage plans, and no security deposit attract more audiences to onboard the platform.

3. Also, the simplified enrolling process makes it an attractive choice for sub-brokers.

4. Lowest security deposit and great trading tools to make your trading process smoother.

5. Upstox also provides partners with a dashboard that has information on the trading history, and track record of clients and helps you analyze your monthly earnings.

6. A team of professionals to help you train in marketing and understanding products of the company

7. The most important one of all is the exciting commission rate. And a great source of recurring income.

Upstox partner rating and review:
Frequently asked questions:
1] When was the upstox partnership Programme introduced? Ans- It was introduced back in 2016. And it was 3 stock broking platforms after Zerodha and 5 paise to do so.

2] What is the commission rate for the upstox Partnership Programme? Ans- Upstox provides a fixed commission per account opening, which currently stands at ₹400 per account and also a 10%-30% commission of brokerage per trade.

3] Is this programme free to join? Ans- No. A minimum of ₹3000 fees is required to enrol in this programme.

4] What tools would I be provided? Ans- A sub-broker provides three tools which include- upstox pro mobile, upstox pro web and dartstock training platform.

5] Would Upstox help and assist me in getting going? Ans- Yes, upstox provides a training programme to understand their service and learn the basics of customer acquisition.

6] Who all are eligible for this partner programme? Ans- Everyone is eligible for this and there are no specific criteria for this.

7] What are the documents required to join the partner programme? Ans- Identify proof, address proof, age proof, bank details, and passport size photograph. All the documents eligible as proof are given above.

Conclusion- Upstox franchise, authorized person, partner, or sub-broker program is a great opportunity for individuals or businesses looking to start a career in the financial services industry. Upstox provides a range of services and support to its partners including trading platforms, research, marketing and training materials. The company is known for its low brokerage charges and seamless trading experience which can help to attract more customers. However, it’s important to thoroughly research and compare different partners programs before joining and ensure that the program aligns with your investment goals and business model. Overall, becoming an Upstox franchise, authorized person, partner, or sub-broker can be a rewarding and profitable venture for those who are willing to put in the effort and dedication required.

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