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Angel One Limited was previously known as Angel Broking Limited is an Indian stock broking firm which was established in 1996. Angel One’s services include online stock broking, depository services, investment advisory services and commodity trading. Personal loans and insurance are also delivered by Angel One. Angel Broking also started its portfolio management services, IPOs business and mutual funds distribution arm in 2006.

Angel One is known as one of the leading stock brokers in India. Angel Broking is a full-service broker that offers a very wide range of services including trading, investments, research & advisory and mutual funds. In early 2020 amid the start of the pandemic, Angel One started offering a discount brokerage plan named iTrade Prime for online customers. Angel One charges 0 brokerage for equity delivery and charges Rs 20 per executed order brokerage for all other segments under this plan. Similar to the offerings from leading discount brokers like Zerodha and Upstox, iTrade Prime is angel one’s discount brokerage plan.

As a full service broker, Angel one also offers its widely well-known full-service account where traders who trade with Angel One, get in-person advisory services through a relationship manager appointed by Angel One. The Relationship Manager provides research reports for trading, investment and wealth management purposes. One of the key services offered by Angel Broking is Analysis & Research. Angel One has a research team which is committed to publishing a range of reports on the economy, markets and securities for the customers benefit and based on the excellent analysis and report offers stock recommendations to its investors.

Intraday Trading involves buying and selling of stocks on the span of the same day. In simpler terms a trader buys stocks on a daily basis, you look for a profitable price to sell it to earn your profit in a single trade done within a day. While it seems like an effortless and easy way towards the goal of instant wealth creation everyone has, I would like to quote the infamous quote here that goes like “don’t judge a book by its cover” as looks can be deceiving with the adage “all that glitters is not gold” still holds much truth. There are many hidden complexities in intraday trading that make new traders lose their path and lose their investment while also incurring many losses of hefty amounts. However if done right and with enough experience intraday trading can also be beneficial and profitable.

Why Angel One is the right choice
Justifying why Angel One is the right choice for your intraday account:
1. Longest experience of market and long-term track record: Angel One has been in the industry since 1987.
2. Latest technology: Angel one uses new-age technology to enable smooth transactions.

3. Guidance: The benefit of technical and fundamental research guides you in your trading journey.

PROCESS of doing Intraday Trading in Angel Broking Following is the process of setting up the Angel Broking demat account and gaining access to the excellent and user-friendly trading platform for Intraday Trading in Angel Broking has to offer-

Demat Account Opening PROCESS with Angel One with these few simple steps:
1. Open the website of Angel One.
2. On the homepage of the Angel One website, you will find an online demat account opening page.
3. You are required to keep scanned soft copies of your personal documents like: -Aadhaar card, PAN card, a scanned copy of Cancelled Cheque, and your bank proof which requires the latest bank statement.
4. Keep the above documents scanned and ready for when you are directed to upload them on the website for KYC verification.
5. The website will ask you to enter your Aadhaar card details and next you will receive an OTP on your mobile number which is linked to your Aadhaar card in order to verify your identity.
6. Further, log in to the site of Upstox and download the trading platforms in your device
7. Set the platforms up and add the scripts (stocks) to the watch list which you wish to track and trade, as the adding process is easy.
8. Search for the script by entering the Stock name on the search bar and then click on the add button. Traders can edit the market watch list any time they wish as per their needs.
9. Once verified and when documentation is submitted, your Demat account is opened and operational on Angel One to begin your trading and wealth creation through investment journey!

Elements to keep track of:
Indicators: Trading charts present the behaviour of stocks around a period of time along with several indicators which help predict how a particular stock could act or change in the future. When you keep in mind these indicators in the calculation before buying a stock they could help you in understanding how the stock could behave throughout the day.

Control: Intraday trading can be highly volatile. Controlling your greed and fear once you get into investing can help you crave a stable path in your investment journey. Earning profit is not always necessary and the same goes the other way around.

Update: Keeping yourself updated with Daily news, analysis and research is necessary for Intraday Trading. Most wise words for day traders- “The movement of the market’s momentum must be reflected in the strategy used by a trader.” It is not wise and also not recommended to use the same strategy in every trade. So updating yourself with the trends and happenings in the market focus on what you are working upon with the trends in the market and then implement them as your trading strategy.

One of the important Tips for intraday trading is to look for liquid shares. As the trader has to square-off their position at the end of the trade day, it is advised to go for large cap shares.

1. Starting small- In the beginning stages, it is definitely wise to start with a small amount of investment and smaller number of stocks to trade with. This helps in finding opportunities easier.

2. Utilise the Stop Loss feature- Stop Loss is a feature that automatically sells a stock, if the price falls and creates loss below a certain limit. It is very useful and beneficial for traders as it minimises the potential loss that the trader might have to incur.

3. Research- Look for all the research pointers before buying your shares, such as dividends, stock splits, and bonus dates, mergers, etc. It is recommended to add 7 to 10 shares in the wish list and research in-depth about them to learn about their liquidity for day trading.

4. Learn when to Exit- Never try to move against the flow of the market. Even the traders with over a decade worth of experience fail to explain and predict the situation of the market. If the market goes against your predictions, you should know immediately when to walk out.

5. Being realistic about profits- Avoid being greedy when it comes to profit
Practice being realistic and reasonable about day trading. This is because they tend to develop a trading plan beforehand and along with keeping realistic approaches about profits.

6. Logical decisions- Being a trader, greed always tends to find its way through a trader’s mind, but it is very important to stay calm and make logical decisions instead of greedy emotions.

Avoiding volatile stocks: It is always advised to stay away from what evidently looks volatile and unstable. Why would you invest your money in something that might just dissolve and make you lose it forever and never let you have it back. Hence, it is advisable to track the stock behaviour and liquidity and always consider trading over potentially stable stocks.

Research: Tracking, analysing and comprehending decision making are the basic steps of trading. Nothing will go right without proper calculation unless you really get lucky while trading.

Trends: “Sometimes it’s better to follow the flock of sheep rather than being a lone wolf” Track the general flow in the market or the stocks that have increased the interests in traders. When the market rises, traders must look for the stocks that rise in advance, when it falls, look for the stocks that show a potential decline.

High risks- As day traders essentially play with risk and take advantage of the volatility, they are exposed to higher levels of risks. Intraday traders are generally known as speculators of the stock market, speculators who are willing to take high risks to earn high profits.
Angel Broking Intraday Trading & BENEFITS
Intraday trading is a form of speculative trading and intraday trading requires extreme knowledge and experience. Angel One provides all the necessary market research to the traders and helps them in picking the right intraday stock.
Angel Broking offers various offers to the traders/clients and more so for the intraday traders who trade daily. Angel one offers exceptional facilities in all the sorts of segments ranging from the intraday charges to the trading platforms.

1. The most needed primary requirement of a day-trader is affordable and reasonable brokerage schemes. Usually all the full-service brokerage houses in India charge a specified percentage of the transaction value as the brokerage. On the other hand Angel Broking charges only a flat fee for any volume of trade you do on its platform like a Discount brokerage house.

2. Being a full-service broker, it provides its traders and clients with very useful and beneficial advisory services based on the high quality market research done by its very much dedicated team of stock market research and also offer a special segment of Angel Broking Intraday Tips that the firm’s research and advisory department produce. Apart from the daily suggestions for the intraday segment, they provide daily, weekly, and monthly market reviews.

3. All the trading platforms are available online and mobile platforms in the form of apps on play store and app store are all free.

4. Angel one has a wide spread and strong network in almost all the country’s cities.

5. Angel one is one of the best full service brokerage houses for the new intraday traders kick start journey. As intraday trading requires well versed knowledge on the market with quick and precise decision-making skills about the stocks, it requires in-depth knowledge of how to calculate risks, and understand and learn about the indicators, Angel One provides training and resources to the new-traders to learn about the market.

conclusion- Intraday trading i.e. within the day trading .
Intraday trading offers a number of benefits to the traders.The traders will not have to wait for a long term to get profit . They can earn it within the day or instantly.

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