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Angel One Limited was previously known as Angel Broking Limited is an Indian stock broking firm which was established in 1996. The company is registered and is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and (MCX) Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited. It is also a depository participant with the Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). Angel One has more than 8500 sub-brokers and franchisee outlets in more than 900 cities across India.

Angel One’s services include online stock broking, depository services, investment advisory services and commodity trading. Personal loans and insurance are also delivered by Angel One. Angel Broking also started its portfolio management services, IPOs business and mutual funds distribution arm in 2006.

Back when there was no digital platform for stock trading, stocks and shares used to be bought and sold exchanged through physical receipts called certificates. The outcome and aftermath of this was shown in lengthy paperwork to be done by hand which wasted a lot of time and the processing of the documents took a considerable amount of time but errors were also more frequent. To solve this issue and to make the process more effective and efficiently done through the use of an electronic online trading platform which was becoming more common slowly in the Western parts and the Asian Markets, this process of dematerialisation of shares was first established in 1996. Physical paper share certificates were soon transferred and converted into electronic form of securities of the equal price and number and after the full digitalisation process were credited to the investor’s demat account. Hence making the trading practices a whole lot smoother, quicker and secure for the investors.

The process of investing in the share market has been made easier through the introduction of Demat Account. Demat Account makes investing in and Holding of investment securities such as bonds, shares, government securities, Mutual Funds, ETFs and insurance hassle free and easier, by converting the process entirely online and electronic. Eliminating the inconvenience of processing physical paper forms, documents, paper shares.

Demat account is short form for dematerialisation account. In finance dematerialisation means a process in which a client can get physical paper form securities converted into electronic securities/balances. A Demat Account can be a bit similar to a bank account to maintain and hold your share certificates and other securities that you have invested in an digitised electronic format.

Demat account opening offers a wide range of services and facilities for the investor. A few of the facilities are listed below-
1. Investments Transfer: A demat account facilitates the transfer of shares of an investor. The investor needs to fill in a Delivery Instruction Slip with all the relevant details and specifics, it further processes an effortless transfer of shares. Although it is not only limited to shares, different investments or security holdings can also be transferred through such an account.

2. Freezing your demat account: Investors can also freeze their account and they are provided with the option to freeze the account for a specific period of time which is mentioned by the investor or as per requirement of the account holder. This facility comes in handy to prevent unexpected activities in the account. To avail this facility just one condition needs to be fulfilled, the account of the investor should have a particular amount of shares present.

3. Loan Facility: You can also avail the loan facility with the securities held in the account. They can provide the investor his detailed holdings to enable him to apply for a loan from a bank. The securities can be used and placed as collateral towards the loan.

4. Speed E- facility: NSDL has provided an e-facility for the investors to complete a transaction through the submission of an electronic e-slip which is then sent to their Depository Participant.

If you want to invest your savings into securities like shares, ETFs or mutual funds you need to have a dematerialisation account or generally called demat account.

A demat account is much more convenient, cost effective, quick and secure. To open a Demat Account you need to register yourself with any brokerage firm.

The first step which involves choosing which method you use to open your account is crucial but another important factor you should consider is choosing the right broker that fits your trading requirements and financial goals needs.

As some brokers charge fees for various services also make sure you know of all the fees and any additional charges which are charged by the broker related to account opening procedure.

Gaining knowledge and information on the user interface of the platform, brokerage fees/charges and its customer service is advised.

Demat Account Opening process with Angel One with these few simple steps:
1. Go to the website of Angel One.
2. On the homepage of the Angel One website, you will find an online demat account opening page.
3. Then you will need to provide your basic details like name, phone number and email ID to sign up on Angel One. After you have filled in all the required details click on Sign up.
4. You are required to keep scanned soft copies of your personal documents like: -Aadhaar card, PAN card, a scanned copy of Cancelled Cheque, and your bank proof which requires the latest bank statement.
5. Keep the above documents scanned and ready for when you are directed to upload them on the website for KYC verification.
6. The website will ask you to enter your Aadhaar card details and next you will receive an OTP on your mobile number which is linked to your Aadhaar card in order to verify your identity.
7. After uploading all the required documents and necessary details and completing the verification through the KYC process your demat account will be opened by Angel One in a few hours. It usually requires only a few hours but max up to 48 hours.
8. You will be provided with a copy of the necessary charges to be paid and the rules and regulations to be followed. An in-person verification will be conducted by a representative of Angel One to confirm all the details and documentation provided by the investor.
9. Once verified and when documentation is submitted, your Demat account is opened and operational on Angel One to begin your trading and wealth creation through investment journey!
CHARGES: These are a few additional charges associated with opening a Demat Account-
1. An Annual Maintenance Charge or AMC. Pay Rs 0 during the first year and after that, only Rs 20 per month + taxes.
2. A one-time charge of Rs. 50/- for POA + taxes
3. Along with the applicable service taxes imposed.
While trading when an investor sells a share, it is erased from the demat account. The securities and shares are always being stored in the demat account and the funds transfer comes from the bank account. The role of the trading account? The trading account is the link between the bank account, demat account and the investor. The facilitation of buying and selling of shares is done by the trading account. If the investor wants to trade in equity shares, they will have to mandatorily create a trading account. When subscribing to a public offering like IPOs, you don’t need a trading account as the shares, if allotted, are automatically transferred to the demat account. However you will always need a trading account to sell securities/shares or buy other shares.

To open a trading account, you will have to select the perfect broker for your trading requirements. There are 2 types of—discount and full-service.
Basically, Discount brokers provide no-frills trading accounts which allows an investor just for the buying and selling of shares without any additional value-added services.
Whereas the Full-service brokers provide additional services like research, recommendations, financial data and a bunch of other services with the trading account.
Most brokers including Angel One offer a 2 in 1 demat-cum-trading account. If an investor wants to trade in equities, they need to have a trading account.

The first step is to fill the form. Opening of your trading a/c can be done by using your Aadhaar & PAN card and submitting all your details online.
Next upload all your documents on the website of Angel One and Take clear pictures of your documents. Upload when asked to.
You can start trading after you get your ID and once your details are verified. After the completion of the verification process you can login to your account to place orders at Angel One.

The investor needs to submit a range of documents which include:
Proof of address and a proof of identity to verify the holder of the trading account.
The address proof can be verified by submitting scanned copies of documents such as telephone bill, electricity bill and water bill.
For proof of identity, you can submit a scanned copy of your passport, voter ID card, driving license or Aadhaar card.
A PAN card is a must for opening a trading account.
Bank proof can include documents such as- Bank statement / Cheque / Passbook.

Steps for the E-KYC method-
You will have to ensure that your Aadhaar card is linked to your mobile number, the PAN card and your bank account.
The Aadhaar verification is done online through a one-time password. Investors are also required to upload a copy of the PAN card and a cancelled cheque.
After the complete submission of all the necessary documents, the next step is to verify yourself either through video conferencing method or by visiting the nearest branch of Angel One.

Conclusion- Electronic online trading platforms make it easier to effectively and efficiently do trading. A demat account holds security while a trading account used to place orders in the share market. Angle one has an easy process of opening a demat and trading account.

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