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Intraday Trading involves buying and selling of stocks on the span of the same day. In simpler terms a trader buys stocks on a daily basis, you look for a profitable price to sell it to earn your profit in a single trade done within a day. While it seems like an effortless and easy way towards the goal of instant wealth creation everyone has, I would like to quote the infamous quote here that goes like “don’t judge a book by its cover” as looks can be deceiving with the adage “all that glitters is not gold” still holds much truth. There are many hidden complexities in intraday trading that make new traders lose their path and lose their investment while also incurring many losses of hefty amounts. However if done right and with enough experience intraday trading can also be beneficial and profitable. Covered in this blog is everything you need to know about intraday trading with investors, almost no.1 trading platform Upstox!

Upstox Intraday Trading is buying and selling stock on the same trading day, done using online trading platforms such as Upstox. Upstox offers various investment options to avail of the latest high-tech brokerage house with affordable and low brokerage charges. Upstox is the kind of brokerage which puts great focus on technology more than anything for the future of Trading. The Upstox Intraday services are facilitated for different trading options such as commodities, equities and many others. Upstox is a very optimal trading platform which is not only technologically advanced but also has the best of the intraday trading services.

BENEFITS of Upstox Intraday Trading – It is among the Top 10 Intraday Tips provider in India known for its optimal trading facilities. There are many benefits of trading with Upstox and using the Upstox Intraday Trading services. Being one of the most trusted discount brokers, the brokerage house is one of the top choices of intraday traders.

1. A flat brokerage plan for any trade done in the intraday segment is offered by Upstox. However the trader needs to pay a fixed charge for any volume in which trade is done.

2. Even if Upstox is a discount broker for day-traders, it also provides the day traders with Upstox Intraday Tips. According to the reviews Upstox Intraday Tips share market recommendations and tips are very beneficial for investors to make a wise trading decision and also really helpful for the beginners in the market as the beginning is the most crucial stage in any traders investment journey and also beneficial to the pro traders as it provides them with a boost of confidence in their intra-day trading moves which are very commonly known as highly risky.

3. On the mobile application which is available for all users on play store and for users that own IOS it is also available on apple app store. While also not leaving behind the online trading platforms that are available with Upstox, Trailing Stop and Stop Loss orders are made available for the use of traders.

4. The web-trading platform is not any less useful than the app version as Upstox offers various technical indicators for estimating the market and understanding the price movement in a better sense for intra-day trading.
PROCESS –How to do Intraday Trading in Upstox?
For intraday trading in Upstox, you need to:
1. Click on the Open Demat account on the homepage of the Upstox website. Next a form will appear on the screen.

2. Next fill the form with the details it requires for completion, and the application process will follow through in a few easy steps for the account opening with Upstox and verifying of your details is done.

3. Further, log in to the site of Upstox and download the trading platforms in your device

4. Set the platforms up and add the scripts (stocks) to the watch list which you wish to track and trade, as the adding process is easy.

5. Search for the script by entering the Stock name on the search bar and then click on the add button. Traders can edit the market watch list any time they wish as per their needs.

Upstox offers options for buying and selling; you need to select the stock, click on the buy/sell option and lastly select the “Intraday or Day Trade” option.

CHARGES of Upstox Intraday – the Upstox Intraday Charges are very low compared to full-service brokers, and it charges a fixed rate of Rs.20 per trade. The order can be of any volume, but the brokerage charge that is payable by the trader is only Rs.20 if the order is executed. Traders can trade a huge quantity of shares just by paying Rs.20 per executed order or 0.05% (whichever is lower), which greatly increases their profit margin.

Elements to keep track of:
Indicators: Trading charts present the behaviour of stocks around a period of time along with several indicators which help predict how a particular stock could act or change in the future. When you keep in mind these indicators in the calculation before buying a stock they could help you in understanding how the stock could behave throughout the day.

Control: Intraday trading can be highly volatile. Controlling your greed and fear once you get into investing can help you crave a stable path in your investment journey. Earning profit is not always necessary and the same goes the other way around.

Update: Keeping yourself updated with Daily news, analysis and research is necessary for Intraday Trading. Most wise words for day traders- “The movement of the market’s momentum must be reflected in the strategy used by a trader.” It is not wise and also not recommended to use the same strategy in every trade. So updating yourself with the trends and happenings in the market focus on what you are working upon with the trends in the market and then implement them as your trading strategy.

One of the important Tips for intraday trading is to look for liquid shares. As the trader has to square-off their position at the end of the trade day, it is advised to go for large cap shares.

1. Utilising the Stop Loss- Stop Loss enables automatic selling of a stock, if the price falls below a certain limit. It is beneficial for traders as it minimises the potential loss that the trader might have to incur.

2. Research- Look for all the research pointers before buying your shares, such as dividends, stock splits, and bonus dates, mergers, etc. It is recommended to add 7 to 10 shares in the wish list and research in-depth about them to learn about their liquidity for day trading.

3. Learn when to Exit- Never try to move against the flow of the market. Even the traders with over a decade worth of experience fail to explain and predict the situation of the market. If the market goes against your predictions, you should know immediately when to walk out.

4. Trading Strategy- Intraday trading is a strategic trading where you buy and sell your stock holding in the same trading day. Traders thus take advantage of the price fluctuations that take place during market hours and extract their profits. When the trader expects the price to go up during the day time, he or she would first buy a lot of securities and then sell it sometime during the trade day. The reverse of the same is called short-selling, and can also be possible. To take advantage of a falling market, traders would short-sell. Once the price falls as required, the traders buy shares at the lower price and then return them to the lender.

5. Starting small- In the beginning stages, it is definitely wise to start with a small amount of investment and smaller number of stocks to trade with. This helps in finding opportunities easier.

6. Being realistic about profits- Avoid being greedy when it comes to profit
Practice being realistic and reasonable about day trading. As they say “Successful traders always move fast without having to think fast”. This is because they tend to develop a trading plan beforehand and along with keeping realistic approaches about profits.

7. Logical decisions- Being a trader, greed always tends to find its way through a traders mind, but it is very important to stay calm and make logical decisions instead of greedy emotions.

1. Avoiding volatile stocks: It is always advised to stay away from what evidently looks volatile and unstable. Why would you invest your money in something that might just dissolve and make you lose it forever and never let you have it back. Hence, it is advisable to track the stock behaviour and liquidity and always consider trading over potentially stable stocks.

2. Research: Tracking, analysing and comprehending decision making are the basic steps of trading. Nothing will go right without proper calculation unless you really get lucky while trading.

3. Trends: “Sometimes it’s better to follow the flock of sheep rather than being a lone wolf” Track the general flow in the market or the stocks that have increased the interests in traders. When the market rises, traders must look for the stocks that rise in advance, when it falls, look for the stocks that show a potential decline.

4. High risks- As day traders essentially play with risk and take advantage of the volatility, they are exposed to higher levels of risks. This is much higher than the risks taken by a long-term stock investor. Intraday traders are generally known as speculators of the stock market, speculators who are willing to take high risks to earn high profits.

conclusion- choose the right stock broker and right stock for intraday trading. upstox provides multiple benefits which meet your requirements.

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